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Katrina "Kat" Takikawa

Speech-Language Pathologist & Clinical Supervisor

Katrina (“Kat”) Takikawa is the lead San Francisco-based SLP for SF Speech for Kids. Kat earned her Master of Science degree with an Autism Concentration from MGH Institute of Health Professions in 2013.  She also received a Graduate Certificate in Reading and Literacy from the University of Kansas in 2022.  Kat has worked in a variety of settings, including a school collaborative and private practice.  She has experience providing 1:1 therapy for clients aged 2-24 years old with autism, developmental delays, expressive and receptive language disorders, speech sound disorders, and childhood apraxia of speech.  In terms of literacy, Kat develops and supports clients’ reading comprehension, storytelling, and writing organization and composition.  In addition, she has instructed groups focusing on activities of daily living, women’s health, self-advocacy, executive function, and self-regulation. Kat is passionate about making therapy a fun experience and creating a nurturing learning environment that centers upon following her clients’ lead and focusing on their strengths.  Kat strongly believes in a “team approach” and enjoys collaborating with families to “bring therapy home” by providing families the tools and strategies to foster and support their child’s communication skills throughout their day. In her free time, Kat enjoys camping, yoga, spending time with her family, snuggling with her cat, and biking around the city.

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